Gurupedia has been shifted to its own domain!!!

Hello my dear readers!!!!. I am more than happy today to announce that After winning a 1-year special hosting plan contest from THC, this blog has finally shifted to its own domain. The new domain name is www.nazjam.com. I am putting a name for my new blog different from gurupedia because unfortunately, gurupedia.com has been taken by any other company. But you have heard of that "What's in a name?". Similarly, my blog name is different, but take it in a positive manner[Yeah!].
On my new blog, I have imported all of my gurupedia posts to fill in the initial gap ;). I am experimenting a lot with my new blog because I am totally a newbie in wordpress and that's why sometime I gets "database table" error and sometimes the plugins I have installed are creating issues. So if you are facing any problem in nazjam then comment on this post or mail me at "nasirjumani@gmail.com". One or two weeks from now, I will do some experiments regarding ads placement, widgets, plugins, theme etc. In this period, what I want is your co-operation and patience to start my new blog.
See you at nazjam. Chow! :~)

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3 Response(s):

Keshav Khera

December 11, 2007 at 3:45 PM

Hey dude! Best of luck and congrats. Enjoy wordpress and blogging :)


December 11, 2007 at 4:38 PM

Yeah I will enjoy Wordpress to its fullest!!!!
Hey dude, u shud also consider moving to wordpress, aint you??

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